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Ranch Safari Tours

Have you ever toured a real working ranch in Montana?  Seen a 100 year old corral that's still in use today? How about taken a drive far up into the mountains on private land where the land is still untouched by civilization?  Peered over a 600 foot high cliff to see mountain goats just below you?

If your answer is somewhere between "no I haven't" and "yes please!" then we have just the answer for you! We call it our Ranch Safari Tour.  

Best Hikes in Montana
Best Hikes in Montana (Medium Difficulty)
Modern Montana Ranching

We'll pick you up right from your cabin on your designated day at whatever time you are ready to roll.  We'll be riding in a 4-seater open air Ranger, which means we can take up to three guests per safari.

Our first stop will be at the Ranchstead. See how modern ranchers live and work. We'll tour a 100 year old corral and talk about how a modern cattle operation works.

Montana Homestead

Next we'll head up into the mountains in search of one of the first homestead cabins in these mountains.  Learn some mountain folk lore and Montana history as we explore this still-usable homestead cabin dating back to the late 1800's.

These fascinating early homesteaders overcame impossible odds as they built the backbone of America in some of the most inhospitable environments known to man.

Best Hikes in Montana (difficult)
Wildlife Safari

Next it's back to the trail as we drive far up into the mountains in search of breath-taking views and mountain wildlife. If it's the right time of year we'll stop to pick wild mountain rasberries. Bring your camera because you can expect to see a lot of wildlife in the Crazy Mountains. Deer, Elk, Moose, Bear, Turkey's, Bald Eagles, and Cats are just a few of the many mountain residents in the crazies.

At the end of the trail we'll take about a 25 minute hike to the top of the Crazy Mountains Slide- a 600 foot high cliff overlooking a mountain canyon.  We'll creep up to the ledge and peer over.  With any luck we'll spot mountain goats, sometimes right beneath your nose!

There, overlooking one of the most beautiful vistas in the state, we'll share a picnic lunch we've packed just for you.

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