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Hunting in the Crazy Mountains

from Montana Cabin Rentals

Elk hunting in Montana

Hunting on the East side of the Crazy Mountains of South Central Montana has historically been very difficult.  Most of the access into the Crazy Mountains is through private land, and unless you happen to have an "in" with one of the land owners, your main option is accessing the forest service land via Halfmoon Campground.  Luckily for guests of Montana Cabin Rentals, BOTH of these are excellent options our guests!

Montana Cabin Rentals is nestled deep in a Mountain Canyon only a few miles below Halfmoon Campground, from which our guests can easily access national forest service.  For those more discerning hunters who crave the opportunity to hunt on private land, Montana Cabin Rentals also has an excellent relationship with an adjoining thousands-of-acres ranch.  Montana Cabin Rentals can connect hunters of all types with this ranch which provides fee land use access to its entirety.

Montana Cabin Rentals Deer Hunting in the Crazy Mountains
Hunting in the Crazy Mountains from Montana Cabin Rentals

Whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, bear, mountain goat, hungarian partridge, turkeys, and antelope are some of the quarry that can be found roaming the foothills, creek bottoms, forested mountain sides, ravines and plains of this beautiful Ranch, set just at the base of the center of the Crazy Mountains near Big Timber, Montana.

Montana Cabin Rentals can also direct you to outfitters and local guides if you'd like to explore more fantastic hunting nearby, like the massive Absarokee-Beartooth Mountain Range.

Hunting Trip for the Whole Family!

While hunting in God's country deep in the woods on a snowy afternoon may be just what you're looking for, maybe you have family members who love the idea of being outdoors, but prefer to stay where it's warm and comfortable.  Maybe wrap up in a blanket by a warm fire looking out massive picture windows at the beautiful views and wildlife that can be seen from the comfort of home.  Montana Cabin Rentals has you covered . . . and your family!  Many of our guests choose to hit the hills at the crack of dawn while their spouse or family might prefer to relax in a hot tub and listen to the elk bugling from the lap of luxury.

Montana Cabin Rentals Hot Tub
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