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Montana Cabin Rentals

Redefines Your Montana Vacation

Montana Cabin Rentals

Experience the Milky Way beneath 10,000 stars in a mountain hot tub at Montana Cabin Rentals

Rainbow viewed from Fisher Cabin

The mountain canyon provides incredible views, even after a storm! This picture was taking just outside Fisher Cabin.

Montana Cabin Rentals Living Room

There's living rooms and then there's living rooms. This is the latter. Views, views everywhere!

Creekside Hammock

Take a nap or read a book relaxing in our hammock to the sound of trickling brooks all around you.

Rustic Elegant Montana Cabin

Floor to ceiling windows emphasize mountain views.

Big Timber Falls

You really must visit Big Timber Falls while you're here. Don't worry it's a few minute drive and a few minute hike- that's all!

View from Fisher Cabin

This mountain canyon is a jewel on this planet. Very few people know about it, and fewer still get to sleep and eat here!

Elegant fixtures and features at Montana Cabin Rentals

Elegant features for your comfort.

Master Bedroom

Rustic elegant Montana cabin Master Bedroom features King Size custom built wagon wheel bed, two person sauna, floor to ceiling windows, barn wood accent wall, vaulted ceilings.

Moose at Grizzly Cabin

This family of Moose came to say good morning to one lucky guest at Montana Cabin Rentals.

Cabin Rentals in Montana

Montana Cabin Rentals boasts elegant fixtures for your comfort and relaxation.

Creekside Cabin in the Crazy Mountains
Mountain Canyon Cabins in Montana

Enjoy the early morning sunrise on the cliffs above Montana Cabin Rentals.

Warm welcome to a Montana Mountain Cabin

Welcome to your home away from home!

Montana Cabin Rentals Hot Tubs

All Cabins come with a cozy hot tub for your comfort and convenience.

Winter falls on Montana Cabin Rentals

Snow brings utter peace and quiet. It's a fantastic time to visit the mountains in Montana!

Mountain Goats

There are so many Mountain Goats in the Crazy Mountains. Sometimes up at the lakes you can hear sounds like thunder as they move around in the distance starting rock slides.

Relax in the warmth and comfort of Montana Cabin Rentals this winter!

Winter brings different, quieter experiences at Montana Cabin Rentals.

Montana Cabin Rentals

Set in a beautiful mountain canyon in the majestic Crazy Mountains. This is a little piece of paradise we know you'll enjoy!

All our cabins have hot tubs

Relax in a mountain canyon beneath 10,000 stars!

Fisher Cabin Covered Porch

Relax on the front porch within easy earshot of the rushing stream and the rustling leaves.

Clawfoot Tub with Mountain Views

Most people love baths. But when you can take a back in a 65'' claw foot tub with perfect views of Lookout Mountain, it's a bath on a whole other level!

Montana Bull Elk

This beauty was photographed just below the Grizzly Cabin.

Fisher Cabin Fire Pit

Personally, I can't quite imagine camping without s'mores and a scenic place to roast them!

Welcome to Fisher Cabin

Welcome to Fisher!

Big Timber Creek

This spot is just a stone's throw away from Fisher Cabin. Believe it or not, this is only a channel. It's a fisherman's paradise.

Crazy Mountains Range

Montana Cabin Rentals is nestled on 160 acres deep in the Crazy Mountains range.

Spacious Dining Room/Kitchen

Fisher Cabin has a very open and spacious floor plan. Stainless steel appliances, fully equipped kitchen, elegant dishware and flatware.

Crazy Mountains Views

View from hiking in the Crazy Mountains

Fisher Cabin Bathroom

Stackable washer and dryer, pine walls and ceiling, claw foot tub with mountain views. What more do you need in a bathroom?

Fisher Cabin Master Bedroom

Amish built cabin with elegant finishes and ornate fixtures.

Fisher Cabin living room

Enjoy the views or, if you must, a movie from our library on our 43'' HDTV and Blueray.

Fisher Cabin Living Room

Relax with a book from our library- or a movie from our movie library!

Tire Swing

Kids and adults alike will love our tummy-tickling tire swing.

Master Bedroom Vanity

Fisher Cabin Master Bedroom Vanity

Fisher Cabin Master Bedroom

Does life get much better than this?

Welcome to Fisher Cabin

Welcome to Fisher Cabin in the Crazy Mountains!

Moose just outside

This picture was taken by one of our guests. Quite a greeting while you watch the sun rise through picture windows!

Montana Cabin Rentals Creekside Cabin

Creekside Cabin is a stones throw away from one of the branches of Big Timber Creek. Relax in the early morning hot tub to sometimes hear elk bugling in the hills around you!

Montana Cabin Rentals

Montana Grizzly Cabin at Christmas time.

Elegant, Spacious Cabin

Elegant, spacious floor plan including full kitchen and 160 square foot loft.

Morning Aspens

View from the Master Bedroom of the Grizzly Cabin at sunrise.

Barn Wood Furniture

Rustic custom built barn wood king size bed.

Montana Cabin Rentals Sunrise

This beautiful sunrise was photographed from the road just above Grizzly Cabin.

Grizzly Cabin

Enjoy a gas BBQ or even cook your fresh catch over the open fire pit.

Horse Shoes

An afternoon game of horseshoes is a truly and purely Montana pastime.

Big Timber Canyon

This is your beautiful view from the Master Bedroom of a Crazy Mountains Sunrise.

Daylight Loft

Imagine curling up with a book up here. Crack the window open to take a nap listening to Big Timber Creek below.

Hot Tub in the Mountains

No better way to relax in the morning than with a hot cup of coffee and a hot tub beneath the gently falling snow.

Fisher Cabin

Views, Views, Views! You have to look straight down at your feet in this cabin to not see a beautiful view of the outside.

Elegant Bathroom

Enormous double headed stone tiled shower and elegant finishes in this spacious bathroom.

Quiet Waters

One of several peaceful streams on the property.


There's campfires, and then there's Campfires. With these views, this is a Campfire. Don't forget your s'mores!


Fantastic wildlife viewing opportunities year round!

Big Timber Creek

Montana Cabin Rentals leases 1.5 miles of private mountain trout stream access for exclusive use by our guests.

Montana Cabin Rentals

Welcome to Montana Cabin Rentals!

Montana Private Land Hunting

Hunting opportunities on thousands of acres on a neighboring ranch. Book early because hunting space is limited!

Big Timber Creek

A family afternoon on Big Timber Creek just below the Grizzly Cabin.

Montana Cabin Guest Room

Guest room features log bunk bed and elegant furnishings.

Big Timber Peak

View from the Grizzly Cabin of Big Timber Peak at sunrise.

Rustic Elegant Montana Cabin

Montana Cabin Rentals offers a rustic elegant vacation on 160 private mountain acres deep in the heart of the Crazy Mountains.

Big Timber Canyon

Take a leisurely stroll up Big Timber Canyon from the Grizzly Cabin.

After a Morning Snow

Sunrise just after a morning snow at the Grizzly Cabin.

Winter Deer

Beautiful wildlife viewing even in winter.

Fire Pit

Enjoy our fire pit out under the stars.

Big Timber Creek

Our Guests enjoy exclusive access to 1.5 miles of private trout fishing access along Big Timber Creek.

Montana Wildlife Viewing

Extraordinary wildlife viewing opportunities at all times of the year.

Wagon Wheel Chandelier

This custom built wagon wheel lantern chandelier is an example of Montana Cabin Rentals elegant finishes.

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