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Best Hiking in Montana

Best Hiking in Montana

(Medium Difficulty)


Some of the best hiking in Montana begins at the head of Big Timber Canyon Road at Halfmoon Campground. Halfmoon Campground is only a few short miles above Montana Cabin Rentals, and is the beginning of tens of thousands of acres of Forest Service land in the Crazy Mountains. From the trailhead at Halfmoon, you'll have more to explore than the exerienced hiker could do in a month. There are dozens of hidden mountain lakes in the Crazies, countless scenic waterfalls, and dozens of mountain peaks to summit. There's no way to describe everything that you really ought to explore, but here are a few of the highlights.

Best Hiking in Montana

Best Hiking in Montana Big Timber Falls

Big Timber Falls

If you've never hiked in the Crazy Mountains before, your first stop really must be Big Timber Falls. From the trail head at Half Moon Campground, Big Timber Falls is less than 1/2 mile, and it's a good trail with fairly even ground. Big Timber Falls is actually a long string of smaller and medium sized waterfalls and chutes, culminating in a dramatic, roaring waterfall into a deep pool. Part of what makes Big Timber falls so unique is that you can stand on a rock precipice opposite this roaring waterfall so that you are almost the same height as the waterfall itself.  Looking down you can see the deep pool.


If you're sure-footed, you can follow the stream down below the falls and find dozens of wide, clear mountain pools. Water flows into these pools over smooth slanted rocks creating the look of so many water slides. But beware! While you'll certainly be tempted to try out these natural "waterslides" for yourself, they are not always as smooth as they look.

We're adding more hikes here soon, so check back!  In the meantime, check out the rest of our main hiking page here.

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