Montana Hiking Trips


Montana Hiking Trips

Some of the most difficult of all Montana hiking trips can be found in the Crazy Mountains. While the trail head at Half Moon Campground is a great starter and can lead you to some beautiful vistas, no doubt some of the more experienced hikers and mountaineers will be interested to know that there are far greater challenges beyond where the trails stop.


The Crazy Mountains are a rugged range. Shale of untold depth makes for unstable ground, and jagged peaks which cut through the sky like a razor are at times dangerously narrow with drop-offs hundreds of feet high. Year round glaciers also sometimes stand in your way. Add to that the harsh winds that can blow at this elevation and you have yourself a recipe for a challenging and sometimes dangerous playground.

The Crazy Mountains boast the fourth tallest peak in Montana, Crazy Peak. Crazy Peak stands at a staggering 11,214 feet high. Views from the top of Crazy Peak seem to never end. Because the Crazy Mountains are an isolated mountain range, it seems that you can see forever from the peak without having anything impede your vision. Crazy Peak used to be easily accessible from the East side of the Crazies by following the ridge line of Crazy Peak. But you had to know the right land owners to ask in order to access it.  Access is no longer easily available on the East side, however.


Now, your best bet is to climb up from the "back side." It is a harrowing task and we'd recommend only attempting it if you're an experienced climber and you get some direction from maps and from the local forest service office in Big Timber. Your hike will start, however, from the trail head just above Montana Cabin Rentals at Half Moon Campground.

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