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Kayaking from a Montana Mountain Cabin

Staying at a luxury Montana mountain cabin would be fun enough.  After all you can relax in a hot tub beneath 10,000 stars, wake up to a moose right out your window, drink your coffee out on the porch while you listen to the elk bugling, or walk 35 steps to the private fishing access creek.  But for the more adventurous and experienced thrill seekers out there, how about kayaking over a massive thundering waterfall on Big Timber Creek just 4 miles from the cabins?  (For the rest of us, check out our page on taking a guided rafting trip down the wide and scenic Yellowstone River just outside Big Timber, Montana? 

Kayaking near Montana Cabin Rentals
Big Timber Creek Falls near Montana Cabin Rentals

Just a few miles up the road from Montana Cabin Rentals, you'll find Big Timber Creek Falls.  These thundering waterfalls are known as some of the most extreme whitewater kayaking in Montana. When the water is right, it's common to find expert kayakers setting in far above the falls and plunging down into the depths.  There is a lot of class 5 & 5+ whitewater along sections of the creek above the falls as well for nearly a mile.

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