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Big Timber Creek

Big Timber Creek Mountain Waterfalls

Big Timber Creek is a tributary of the Yellowstone River. It originates deep in the Crazy Mountains from glacial mountain lakes like Blue Lake, Twin Lakes, Granite Lake, and Pear Lake. It winds its way violently down dozens of white waterfalls, through heavily forested banks, deep ravines and clear pools. Once Big Timber Creek finally flows out of the steep, mountainous terrain at the head of Big Timber Canyon, it slows considerably and becomes a peaceful stream. Massive boulders dot the running waterway and create crystal clear pools which teem with fish. Rainbow trout, browns, cutthroat and brookies can be caught by the expectant fisherman. And there is, of course, nothing in the world quite like casting out a line in a wild, mountain stream and feeling a tug on the end of your line.

Big Timber Creek forms dozens of waterfalls above Montana Cabin Rentals

While Big Timber Creek is this writer's favorite mountain stream to fish anywhere in the world, this hidden treasure presents a certain complication. From the time that Big Timber Creek transforms at the head of Big Timber Canyon from the violent, rushing waters to the peaceful, fishing stream until the creek reaches the Yellowstone River, there is virtually no public access. Nearly all of the fishable waters of Big Timber Creek flow through private land, mostly owned by ranchers and farmers. This extremely limited access is, of course, a tremendous benefit to those lucky few who are able to get access through private land owner connections. However, for the fisherman who wants to experience the catch of truly wild trout from one of the few largely untouched streams around, getting access is no easy feat. . . until now!

Big Timber Creek

Big Timber Creek Just Outside Your Door!

Big Timber Creek Falls

Big Timber Falls is only a hop, skip and a jump away from Montana Cabin Rentals.  Watch extraordinary waterfalls and water features violently wind through pools and over cliffs and through canyons, finally becoming the fishing haven we know and love as Big Timber Creek.  Spoiler alert though, you don't want to leave your camera at home for this hike!

Just Below Big Timber Falls

Montana Cabin Rentals leases 160 acres of private land from a local rancher only a few miles below the head of Big Timber Creek Canyon. Big Timber Creek flows right through the middle of these 160 acres, at a location and altitude that is ripe for catching those wild mountain stream trout. Montana Cabin Rentals leases these 160 acres for the express purpose of providing luxurious rental cabins in a beautiful mountain canyon setting, and to provide easy, exclusive access to Big Timber Creek for our guests. That's right! As long as you have your fishing license and can legally fish in Montana, free access through these entire 160 acres of stream-front property is provided to you as a courtesy while you stay at one of our Montana Cabin Rentals cabins. So check out our reservation page or call the number on this site to book your cabin fishing experience!

Big Timber Creek Fishing

Big Timber Canyon Road to Montana Cabin Rentals

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