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Nature and Wildlife Viewing at Montana Cabin Rentals

Bull Elk at Montana Cabin Rentals

If you love watching wildlife, you'll love your stay at Montana Cabin Rentals.

Elk? Check!

Moose?  Check!

Deer? Check!

Black Bear? Check!

Eagles, badgers, marmots, mountain goats, antelope, hawks, owls, birds, fish, the list goes on and on!  We've had guests wake in bed beside their window and see a moose pressing its nose against it!  We've seen trophy elk on the property.  Deer and turkeys abound.  Bald and golden eagles are seen daily.

Moose looking in the window of Montana Cabin Rentals
Deer dashing through the snow at Montana mountain cabin rentals

One of our guests' favorite thrills is looking out their window and seeing wildlife.  On one occasion, an enterprising young man seized the moment when moose were watching from the outside to get down on one knee and propose to his girlfriend.  Another guest reported watching a bull, cow and calf moose playing with the tire swing together.  Almost every day you can expect to see deer grazing the grasses around the cabin, as well as snow-shoe hares in the winter and eagles soaring across the sky.

One guest reported seeing what appeared to be a "council of eagles."  The guest couldn't count the number of golden eagles which lined the trees and soared over the canyon.  The majestic bald eagles of course love the mountain terrain and can regularly be seen.  When you come and stay, be sure to stop and see the golden eagle nest that has been there for generations, just a mile off US 191 onto Wormser Loop Road (mile marker 8) in the cliffs.

Bald Eagle peched above Montana Cabin Rentals
Montana Cabin Rentals Wildlife Viewing

Montana Cabin Rentals guests are literally living among the wildlife in these secluded Montana mountain cabin rentals.

What will you see and what experiences will you have as our guest?   Inquire today about our rates and availability and let's find out!

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