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Best Hikes in Montana

Some of the best hikes in Montana are located in the Crazy Mountains. This isolated mountain range is one of the most photgraphed and recognized ranges in Montana. Appearing to rise out of nowhere, the Crazy Mountains are centered around Big Timber Peak and Crazy Peak. Crazy Peak is the fourth tallest mountain peak in Montana, rising to a staggering 11,214 feet. Many of the locals around Crazy Peak consider summiting it to be a kind of a "right of passage," and anyone will tell you it is one of the best hikes in Montana (though only for the experienced hiker).

Best Hikes in Montana

Big Timber Peak stands proudly just to the right of Crazy Peak. And just to the right of Big Timber Peak is Big Timber Canyon, in which Montana Cabin Rentals is located. Big Timber Canyon Road winds its way through the canyon and ends at Halfmoon Campground, which is the trail head of some of the best hikes in Montana.


Just below Halfmoon Campground is a very special 160 acre parcel of land which is leased exclusively for guests of Montana Cabin Rentals. We offer the best hikes in Montana, fishing on private mountain stream access, even hunting on 10,000+ acres of private land (reserve early, limited availability). But the best part about it all is that after your perfect (and most likely exhausting) day of Montana style recreation and hiking, you get to come home stay in the rustic luxury of one of our cabins, affording all the comforts of your home away from home.

Montana Cabin Rentals

Best Hikes in Montana (the Easy Ones)


Montana Cabin Rentals is in a prime location for people who love the outdoors and who love to hike.  Whether you prefer the easy-going, 10 minute walk in nature after dinner type of hike or the challenging, mountain peak summitting type of hike, or anything in between, you'll find some of the best hikes in Montana nearby while staying with us at Montana Cabin Rentals.


Let's start with the easy-going hike.  Click on the picture to the left and discover what easy-ish hikes await out your back door while you stay with us at Montana Cabin Rentals.

Montana Cabin Rentals Hiking
Best Hikes in Montana (Medium Difficulty)


I hear you, I hear you! You've explored for a couple days around our Montana Cabin Rentals, and now you're ready for a new adventure. You're ready to go deep into the mountains. You've heard that you can go to Montana and find powerful, whitewater waterfalls, hidden mountain lakes, deep canyons and glaciers that haven't melted in thousands of years. And you're right! And some of the best hikes in Montana to explore these natural wonders start at Halfmoon Campground, just a few short miles from Montana Cabin Rentals.


Let's take a look! Click on the picture on the left to check out some of what you can explore in the Crazy Mountains.

Best Hikes in Montana (difficult)
Best Hikes in Montana (Most Difficult)


For the experienced hiker or mountain climber, there are plenty of challenges in the Crazy Mountains. Some of the best hikes in Montana will leave you utterly exhausted, and carry with them intrinsically a certain amount of danger and risk. We don't recommend summiting mountain peaks in the Crazies unless you know what you are doing. They aren't called the "Crazy Mountains" for nothing, after all. You won't find a side walk or even a well-maintained walking trail once you step into the territory of summiting one of the Crazy Mountains' peaks. You'll be on your own and will be truly blazing your own way in the wild.

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