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Best Hikes in Montana (easy)

Best Hikes in Montana (the Easy Kind)


Don't forget that, while you stay with us at Montana Cabin Rentals, you'll have a 160 acre playground that we lease exclusively for our guests. These acres allow for a leisurely hike along Big Timber Creek, where you can view some great scenary, catch glimpses of wildlife scampering back into the forested hillside from their water source, and watch schools of fish migrate up the waters.


Or if you want to hit the even ground, you might enjoy just walking along the County Road at the end of the driveway to Montana Cabin Rentals. Now wait, I know what you're thinking. But before you discount this idea as being too city-slicker, remember that your driveway doesn't come off of a city street. It comes off the Big Timber Canyon road. You'll be able to see Lookout Mountain to the Northeast, and the Crazy Mountains just ahead to the West. You'll be following Big Timber Creek as well as several tributaries flowing into it. You'll likely see wildlife in the open fielded areas like deer, coyote, elk, foxes, and the like. And because of the secluded location of Montana Cabin Rentals, you're not likely to see more than a single vehicle in an hour on the county road.


Or if you're craving a different view, check out the hillside across the Big Timber Creek, still on the 160 private acres leased for our guests. It's a steep bugger on the North side of Big Timber Creek; but if you're up to the challenge and decide to climb to the ridge line, you'll be rewarded with jaw-dropping views of the Crazy Mountains range. Particularly, you'll find yourself right beneath the two pinnacles of the range, Crazy Peak and Big Timber Peak.  You may just find yourself wanting to sit down in awe for an hour or two while you take it all in. 


Looking for a little more of a challenge? Click here to check out the medium and experienced-only venues.

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