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Montana Cabin Rentals Location

When was the last time you stayed in a luxurious cabin in a mountain canyon 20 miles from the nearest town? When was the last time you enjoyed 160 pristine, forested acres along a beautiful mountain stream teaming with brook trout, cutthroat, browns and rainbows. . . that only you had access to? 


Montana Cabin Rentals is located about 20 minutes Northwest of Big Timber, Montana at the base of the Crazy Mountains.  This is about 90 minutes from Yellowstone National Park and a little over an hour from Bozeman and Bridger Bowl Ski Resort. Big Timber Canyon is a special place and if you're here learning about it, consider yourself lucky!

Montana Cabin Rentals

View up the canyon from the Master Bedroom

Big Timber Creek

Our Guests enjoy exclusive access to 1.5 miles of private mountain trout stream.

Moose at Grizzly Cabin.jpg

Don't be surprised to see come local wildlife right out your window!

Big Timber Creek Falls

Big Timber Creek, Right Out Your Back Door!  This fantastic waterfall and canyon is easily accessed from a forest service trailhead just three miles from Montana Cabin Rentals

Big Timber Creek Canyon

Big Timber Creek Canyon is famous among the locals, but it's far enough off the beaten path that you won't run into many tourists. At the end of the road, only a few miles past Montana Cabin Rentals, is a Forest Service Campground called Halfmoon Campground. Halfmoon Campground offers 12 camping spots and access to tens of thousands of acres of mountain hiking trails. These trails lead to hidden mountain lakes below rugged mountain peaks. Try your luck fishing in this natural habitat where some boast of catching 100 fish per day! And bring a couple back with you to our luxury cabin so you can pan fry a wild trout dinner. Or choose your challenge and summit a mountain peak of your choice to enjoy dizzying views in all directions. Whatever adventure you seek for the day, come back to our cozy Montana Cabin Rentals as your basecamp to unwind and rejuvenate with all the comforts of modern living.


To find Montana Cabin Rentals, head straight toward the mountains until you find yourself in such overpowering mountain beauty that you'll have to stop the car- that's when you've arrived. Practically speaking, travel 8 miles North of Big Timber Montana on Highway 191. Then you'll turn toward the mountains on the gravel Wormser Loop Road, and finally onto Big Timber Canyon Road for another 8 miles.

Watch the Crazy Mountains get bigger and closer as you wind your way further up, and further in. When you finally drop down into the creek bottom of the scenic Big Timber Creek Canyon, you'll know you're getting close. And finally, just a few miles from the end of the road, turn onto the driveway of our Grizzly Cabin. We'll leave the light on and turn on the fire place and the sauna, so all you have to do is kick back, relax, and begin your adventure.


On your drive, don't be surprised to see some local wildlife. Hundreds of deer and trophy elk, moose, bear, mountain lions, antelope, bobcats, beavers and raccoons, jackrabbits, mountain goats, eagles and hawks and owls- these are just a few of the more prevelant guests to keep an eye out for.

Hunting in the Crazy Mountains

Wildlife is everywhere, even out your front door!

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