Montana Cabin Rentals Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are your cabins?  Montana Cabin Rentals currently offers rental cabins in the Big Timber Canyon.  The Big Timber Canyon is approximately 25 minutes from Big Timber, Montana. 

  • How do I get there and will I receive directions?  For a general area map and directions, please refer to our LOCATIONS page. Also, 30 days prior to your arrival, you will receive a welcome email with detailed directions, property address, and checkin instructions.

  • How do I get a key?  All of our rentals are keyless entry code locks. All you'll need to gain entrance to your vacation cabin is the key code.  You will receive your own personalized key code via email a few days before you arrive.

  • How many cabins do you have? Montana Cabin Rentals completed the "Grizzly Cabin" in the summer of 2015.  By early summer of 2016 our second cabin, "Fisher Cabin," will be open for business!  We will offer discounts for booking multiple cabins for larger groups.

  • Will I see other cabins from my location?  NO!  Montana cabin rentals leases 160 private acres along Big Timber Creek.  It is a long (1.5 miles along Big Timber Creek) skinny stretch of forested, stream front land.  All cabins are spaced a long distance apart so you won't see or hear anyone else.  It will feel as though you are the only ones there!

  • Can I fish at the cabin at any time of the year?  The State of Montana has a designated fishing season for Big Timber Creek which varies by year and by season.  For the most up to date information, we suggest calling the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks at (406) 932-5012.  You can also download a 2016 fishing guide from their FWP WEBSITE

  • Is fishing catch and release only?  In order to maintain our fabulous mountain trout stream, we require all fishing on the property to be catch and release only, and we require all hooks to be barbless.  This will ensure the fish are always plentiful and healthy.  NOTE: to make your hooks barbless, just clamp down the barb with a pair of plyers or clamps. You may catch and keep fish above our property on the portion of Big Timber Creek which flows through Forest Service Land, and you may also catch and keep trout from the mountain lakes in the mountains upstream.  Visit our FISHING page for more information.

  • What is the best time of year to fish?  This really depends on how much snow pack is in the mountains, because the spring will sometimes bring high waters which are difficult to fish.  Generally June through October is the best fishing season.

  • Where can I pick up a fishing license?  You can pick up a fishing license from any sporting goods store in the state. Locally, it's easy to pick up a fishing license in Big Timber at The Fort on Big Timber Loop Road.

  • Are there other streams nearby to fish? YES!  There are many other fishing options in addition to Big Timber Creek which make Montana Cabin Rentals the ideal fishing vacation location.  Other nearby options which are easy driving/hiking distance from our cabins include the Yellowstone River, Boulder River, Mountain Lakes, and more.  Visit our FISHING page for more information.

  • Is hunting allowed on the property? Hunting is not allowed on our leased acreage.  However, the acreage sits adjacent to a more than ten thousand acre ranch. We have an agreement with the owner of that ranch to allow fee access hunting rights to that land for our guests.

  • Are fires allowed on the property?  Campfires are allowed only in the designated campfire pit outside each cabin.  We also require campfires be supervised the entire time and completely extinguished and drowned with water after each use.  Do not light a campfire when it is windy because the risk of sparks causing a forest fire is too great.  Depending on the summer, there may also be a burn restriction in our area.  To find out if there is, we require all our guests to contact the Sweet Grass County Sheriff's Office before lighting a campfire: (406) 932-5140.  Campfires are a lot of fun, but can be dangerous.  NEVER leave a fire unattended and never leave children near a campfire.

  • Is there cell phone reception?  Our cabins are all outfitted with a cell phone repeater tower which gives decent 3G cell phone reception inside each cabin.  Outside the cabins, cell phone reception is limited.  The cell service is from a Verizon Tower.  So if your cell phone carrier does not use Verizon towers, you may not have cell phone coverage for your device. Remember, these cabins are getaway cabins deep inside a beautiful mountain range and are a long way from civilization.

  • Is there WIFI? Our cabins are equipped with satellite WIFI.  It's not super high speed because it is satellite, so we ask that you don't stream video through our WIFI.  However it is suitable for most other purposes (this webpage was built online at the Grizzly Cabin!)

  • What if my cell phone doesn't use Verizon towers? A basic Verizon cell phone is provided for our guest convenience.  This is a pay by the minute cell phone plan, so please don't use it for long calls. It's meant to be used so you can stay in touch with your family and for emergencies.

  • Are linens and towels provided? All linens and towels are provided for our guests.

  • Is dishware and cookware provided?  All dishware and cookware is provided. We also stock some cooking essentials in our cabin kitchens like flower, sugar, spices and condiments.

  • Do you offer discounts for longer stays? Yes!  Ask about a customized disount if you are staying more than 7 days.

  • Are your cabins wheel chair accessible? Unfortunately, at this time we do not have wheel chair accessible cabins.

  • Do you allow pets?  We allow some dogs on a case by case basis for an additional pet fee.  Please reach out to the owner to discuss your dog.  No cats are allowed in the cabins.

  • How far is Montana Cabin Rentals from Yellowstone National Park?  Montana Cabin Rentals is centrally located to three different enrances to Yellowstone: Mammoth (about 90 minutes), Beartooth Mountain Highway by Red Lodge, MT (about two hours), and West Yellowstone (about 2.5 hours).

  • Where is the nearest airport?  The two nearest commercial airports are in Bozeman (about 90 minutes) and Billings (about 90 minutes).

  • Are there any restaurant options nearby?  Big Timber, which is about a 25 minute drive from our cabins, has several fine and unique small western town dining options.  The historic Grand Hotel is a fine dining option which serves some of the best Montana steaks and seafood you can imagine.  Visit our BIG TIMBER page for more details.

  • Is there a nearby grocery store? Yes!  Big T IGA is located in Big Timber, just 25 minutes away.

  • What about laundry? All our cabins are equipped with a washer and dryer.

  • Do you offer trip insurance?  We offer an optional trip insurance through "CSA Travel Protection," a third party company. The insurance, under many circumstances, covers lost/stolen items, roadside assistance, medical expenses (for injuries while on your trip), and trip cancellation.

  • How do I check in?  Check in time is 4:30 pm Mountain Standard Time.  If you need an early check in, please inquire as early as you can.  Sometimes we can accomodate this and sometimes not, depending on our cleaner's schedule.  30 days prior to your arrival, you will receive a welcome email with complete checkin instructions, including directions, property address, keyless entry code, and other pertinent information for your stay.

  • How do I check out?  Check out time is 10:00 a.m.  You'll find a check out checklist in your welcome binder when you arrive at the cabin.  All dishes are to be washed and put away, trash taken to the burn barrels (but not burned), and the cabin should be left in generally the same condition you found it in. 

  • Is there a security deposit?  Typically we don't charge a security deposit.  We do charge a $49 non-refundable insurance premium per guest reservation.


More Questions?  Please visit our Contact Us page to inquire or call us at (406) - 599 - 6772.

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