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Montana Cabin Rentals - Home-Grown Hospitality

Montana Cabin Rentals is a Montana-born company, through and through. We offer rustic, yet luxurious, cabin getaways Northwest of Big Timber Montana in the Crazy Mountains. Come share in some of the most spectacular scenary of the majestic Rocky Mountains. Let Montana Cabin Rentals arrange every detail for your stay to be a comfortable and luxurious, yet rustic experience that you will remember forever. We at Montana Cabin Rentals were born and raised in Montana. In fact, the owner of Montana Cabin Rentals grew up exploring the very same acreage around which your cabin getaway experience is centered. Nestled in the shadows of the rugged Crazy Mountains are these 160 private acres of streamfront property, bordering Forest Service and offering fantastic fishing, hunting, and hiking possibilities. Big Timber Creek winds its way through the property and is the only sound, apart from wildlife, you can expect to hear while you stay at our secluded cabin retreat.

Montana Cabin Rentals

Montana Cabin Rentals- A Peaceful Respite


At Montana Cabin Rentals, we understand that your cabin getaway is just that- a getaway. We select only the most tranquil and remote locations to custom build our cabins, just the way we would like them ourselves. We set out to set up the exact kind of cabin experience for our guests that we would want for ourselves. In fact, the very best perk of this business is that we get to utilize our own cabins when they aren't being rented out. That makes it our own home away from home. So when you stay at our cabins, you can rest assured that you're eperiencing a cabin getaway the Montana way, just as a native-born Montanan would want to experience it.


Romeo had his Juliet, Julius Ceasar had his Rome, Montanans have their mountains. Few people in the world can honestly say that they don't take the best parts of their surroundings for granted. A true, home-grown Montanan however, is a special breed apart. I've enjoyed these views and these majestic mountains all my life, and I still run to the window to watch every sunset. We at Montana Cabin Rentals dare you to stand before Crazy Peak or Big Timber Peak just above our cabin, or Big Timber Creek Falls only a short distance away, without letting your jaw drop.


Big Timber Creek is a tributary of the Yellowstone River. The coveted trout fishing stream flows through almost all private land from the Yellowstone River all the way up to the Forest Service hiking trails at the end of Big Timber Canyon Road.  What this means is that there is no public fishing access for miles and miles of this enviable, mountain trout stream. As a guest of Montana Cabin Rentals, you will enjoy exclusive, private access to Big Timber Creek. So whether you love to flyfish or you just want to wade in a genuine glacial stream, or perhaps read a book all afternoon in the nook of a tree as you listen to this babbling brook, you can rest assured that you'll be enjoying this little peace of heaven in absolute privacy and solitude.

About the Owners​ of Montana Cabin Rentals


We were both born and raised in Montana. I grew up on a ranch at the base of the Crazy Mountains. What a way to grow up! 4-wheeling, hiking, fishing, exploring in one of the most beautiful and rugged mountain ranges of the Rocky Mountains!  


We've been married for 10 years and have two kids. We moved back to Big Timber in 2014 after deciding we wanted to raise our children closer to the ranch where I grew up. Somehow, it doesn't feel like home unless you can wake up and see the Crazy Mountains out your window.


We have owned and managed vacation rentals for four years now. We understand that if we take care of our guests, they'll want to come back. A lot of time and thought and expense goes into arranging every detail to make our guests feel right at home and have the perfect vacation that's just as blessed as we can make it.


Our life motto is "God first, family second, business third." And if we can help people get just a little closer to God and family by providing a mountain cabin vacation retreat in the heart of nature, then we've done our job right.

Montana Cabin Rentals management
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