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Mountain Lakes in Montana

Mountain Lakes in Montana

Crazy Mountains Lake Fishing

Interested in fishing some Mountain Lakes in Montana? The Crazy Mountains is where it's at!  dozens of hidden lakes dot the Crazy Mountains range, some of which are teaming with wild trout just waiting to be caught.   Some of the best Mountain Lakes in Montana can be hiked into from the Trail Head just above Montana Cabin Rentals.


We've found that both lures and flies work excellently in the little known lakes in the Crazy Mountains. Blue Lake, Pear Lake, Crazy Lake, Twin Lakes, and many others are accessible from the Forest Service Trail Head only a few miles above Montana Cabin Rentals.


Wild trout abound in these lakes and, compared to any lake on lower ground, many mountain lakes in Montana are largely untouched.  They offer a rugged beauty you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else.  And the mystery of these deep, glacial lakes brings great anticipation as you are waiting for a tug on the line.


It is often ridiculously easy to catch wild trout in mountain lakes in Montana because the lakes in the Crazies are seldomly fished.  Believe it or not, we've caught more on a fly rod than with a spinning pole- 84 in a single day in Crazy Lake, to be precise! And of course, after a long day of hiking in to a mountain lake, you'll want to bring a couple trout back with you to cook up for dinner in the rustic luxury of our Montana Cabin Rentals.

Montana Mountain Lakes
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